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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 14, 2017 12:29pm-1:01pm EDT

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the only show i go out of my way to times you know what it is that really pack them . yap is the john oliver of r t and there is this. apparently better than. i see you never heard of. jack tonight. rest of the world thank. you for a seriously send us an e-mail. greetings and salutations a very interesting vote took place this week on capitol hill hawk watchers a vote critically important i quickly important vote that sadly you probably won't hear much about you see buried behind all the hullabaloo over hillary clinton's new do it yourself book on how to lose elections and not get blamed for it and bernie sanders i'm stealing more for your and big pharma and the health insurance industry
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with medicare for all than a kid seeing a killer clown holding a red balloon in the street gutter was sen rand paul's attempt on wednesday to inspire congress to put an end to the notorious a us or national defense authorization act that has been used for the last sixteen years now to justify any and all us military adventures overseas by your perpetrated by our last two presidents sadly our military industrial congress voted paul's repeal measure down sixty one to thirty six i mean hey we can't have congress trying to reign in the unconstitutional war making authority of the president when we have a nuclear north korea north korea to continue to provoke in fact just this week we even saw members of congress start mimicking the game of thrones style insults that we've been witness to all summer long between us president donald trump and north korea's kim jong il and as house representative ed royce exclaimed on tuesday i believe the united states. i believe the response from the united states and our
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allies should be supercharged we need to use every ounce of leverage to put maximum pressure on this rogue regime time is running out well you can't get more fear monger your war cheerleading than the bad especially from someone who is the chairman of the house of representatives for the players committee so with unconstitutional presidential war powers still in play and tough talk on north korea now echoing throughout the halls of congress you and i both know it's time to start watching the hawks. to. get the. real that we. are to pull out of it. like you know what i got. this.
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week so i. welcome what he watches the harks i am very relevant to our time top of the wall as the united nations security council has certainly taken a supercharged approach unanimously voting to oppose unprecedented sanctions on the north korean government this comes as the south korean government begins testing long range ballistic missiles unleashing firepower that could potentially target the entirety of the north archies on the upon poles in seoul south korea where tensions between the countries are expected to continue rising. as officials here meet to discuss how to implement the unprecedented sanctions passed by the un security council this week targeting north korea and the foreign ministry underscores its commitment to apply economic and diplomatic pressure in order to weaken pyongyang today in provocative military act the south korean government launched a long range ballistic missile reportedly with
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a capability of three hundred ten miles meaning if launched from anywhere near seoul it has the capacity to hit the entirety of the northern half of the peninsula it reportedly was launched from an f. fifteen fighter jet and dropped off the western coast successfully hitting a target after going through obstacles at low altitude this comes after seoul and washington additionally reached an agreement to remove the weight limit on a warheads for south korean ballistic missiles meaning tensions on the peninsula are certainly slated to rise now this is just one of the more overt acts south korea takes in order to demonstrate its strength against its neighbor in the north however it's not the only thing that's the only trick.
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today i spoke with the former deputy head of the south korean c.i. a to discuss some of the other strategies seoul and washington employ to target the government in pyongyang. do you believe the obama administration's policy on putting pressure directly on the government. was in effect. which was indicative. that north korea will gradually be weakened to its own extinction in due course of time provided that north korea be kept from being
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resupplied however. it is sort of a race against time and. we have. that. initiative. was not working. person only. had transpired in poland during the reagan administration era and the reagan mobilizing reagan crusade. in. all. and he. made a lot of investment in a bringing some freedom into poland which resulted in the overthrow of the economy. in one thousand nine hundred one or two which led to the.
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establishment of a. democratic government which. the four of us of communists communism and new no it sounds like what you're describing is a situation which the united states what it courage some sort of. in order to reunify under the south under a more capitalist. i was honestly surprised by how open and honest mr lee was throughout our discussion but that's just the small snippet of the fascinating comments he made to me in our discussions so i will include that in a special report i put together when i returned to washington for watching the hawks on your part until in seoul. everybody
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you know up to eleven. you know the rhetoric. everybody has an idea for a solution every all of the biggest thing that happened to your home in this directly plays in to north korea what. could decide to do there because some window world country that goes to war without authorization from congress never really had one for a long time or they've actually which is funny to me because why isn't there much of an outcry that we don't we didn't want the powers we don't want the president to have these powers we didn't want the president to have. we were saying it's unconstitutional i mean we heard half of the country screaming and yelling about how obama being able to do this is unconstitutional so why are we not rectifying that now if that was the g.o.p. talking point for the last eight years or seven years then why haven't we done anything about it when you have chicken hawks like roy who didn't serve just saying
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we go we got a show and we got a show on the back end of the know what that means he doesn't know the reality. of the paul of kentucky he pleaded for his measure to basically say you were. calling i'll just tell thirdly stretch the justification that it once provided way back of nine eleven that have become. as we're committing war all over the globe let's take a listen i don't think that anyone within alice of intellectual honesty believes that these authorizations from sixteen years ago and fourteen years ago i don't think anyone with intellectual honesty believes that they authorize war in seven different countries not only is there the lives that we are losing the american soldiers the brave young men and women who were sent to distant lands and asked to give their lives for their country without the senate taking the time to authorize
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the war i think that is terribly unjust and should end. but it did not end yes congress voted sixty one. thirty something basically saying no we will keep going up that old are you about the bridges they're also meeting years where you know the democrats are on one side of their mouth screaming about how you know this administration is so dangerous it's going to get us into war about but then when you have the opportunity to rein things back in and put the power in your hands for the american people about when we're going to send young men and women to die you drop the ball once again and i wonder what you're watching a lot of people really have this discussion in this disagreement about who is responsible for. exactly and australian journalist documentary filmmaker john pilger recently weighed in you know the tensions between north korea and the united states and the question you asked you know what are people around the world feel who they feel is ultimately responsible here is what john pilger i'd say. the
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problem is the united states and you have to look at this broadly. the problem for the rest of the world actually is the containment of the united states the u.s. used to during the first cold war talk about the containment of the soviet union but now it's the containment of the united states and frankly it always has been. it's an unpredictable regime saluted no doubt that if north korea hadn't developed nuclear weapons it would have been attacked all the same thing would have happened something similar would have happened to north korea as happened to libya and iraq syria and afghanistan. as you see our history our recent history of the kids are judicious keeps you know that's what justifies people around the world to say no no i want to say boratto i want to or these new grew up is because i'm nervous because i'm you know i might not be that favorable and the eyes of the u.s.
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and i don't want them to come in and see me out of power that's that's a lot of the justification i'm going to put was originally the justification that they had. but is that because of our recent. foreign policy and these new sanctions and i'm just going to as i mean think about me and the sanctions because they don't do anything that hurt people at the bottom you know. a man or woman in a castle is not going to lose the person at the bottom it's going to lose the mail so one of the things that i thought was interesting is this is the way victoria is going to handle it is that so the u.n. security council and stepped up the sanctions on monday and that was after that six missile test in september third and imposed a ban on textile exports and capping oil imports capping oil imports to the bare minimum mean interest people can survive it sort of like when you can't pay your gas bill if you're you know it will give you just you know it's winter but i find
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that interesting that this this is going to be the one if we just don't let them sell cloth then we'll be able to really get it out i think peter clinic professor of history and director of nuclear nuclear studies at the american university spoke about this sort of colorful rhetoric that. about the only real solution that prevents one possibly nuclear war let's take a listen. is people like donald trump who've got no military background and little military understanding who's full of this kind of bluster and you've got nikki haley's saying time is running out but you don't have matt is saying that it's not as good moments until lucent is certainly not saying that everybody knows that there has to be a diplomatic solution and we even know what the diplomatic solution will look like nikki haley's said that this freeze for freeze idea is totally bankrupt and so we're not going to pursue it but ultimately that's what's going to be the answer
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that's what china is pushing that's what russia is pushing you know do states and north korea are still technically in this state of war the korean war never ended and in addition the united states is carrying out these war games with south korea the north korea finds very threatening and they think that their only defense against their only turned is to have this nuclear arsenal. right well this is the thing that really sort of bothers me about this whole thing. is that once and it gets politicized it's whoever is the president whoever's whatever well north korea hasn't changed in their leaders. things don't change here with our leaders so there's this repeating of bad mistakes but the thing that bothers me probably the most is this idea that now we're teachings that we're saying to south korea here's some here's some weapons here's some sabers go rattle them that'll take care of the problem we're going to have war games which only makes it worse and at one point who is responsible when there are lives at stake great point great group. all right
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as we go to break or bloggers don't forget to let us know what you think about topics we've covered a place for twitter see our poll shows on our t.v. dot com coming up tabitha wallace still goes into the controversy surrounding the real hill and us be young when we say and then we delve into some of the discoveries that are changing the way we look at the bike you love talking about the national football league team talk about the real life stay tuned to watch the whole.
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team years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better lives. i don't i think they are and hurting when i buy my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand more than the whole for a million americans have been killed by the us how do we did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit. to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years
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ago. but we're not. saying you don't need to spend money to make money they just want to be extraction extracting money like parasites used to be the american pursued around the world but america south america asia south these days you know they were just extract well take money take my money but they read out of countries i would put up with so now they're doing it themselves.
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he is panelist stephen a smith commented both online and on air last year saying a basketball player is wife should look pretty and stay silent declaring quote you can't get caught up in your own individual emotions and having this zest to speak out over the years he has made fowle inappropriate comments regarding women has excused domestic violence and i jumped objectified women on air to the point of being downright ghoulish wearily has e.s.p.n. made an issue of it and it started. he hasn't affected his multi-million dollar contract and yet when e.s.p.n. anchorage model hill tweeted among other things quote donald trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacist the disney own network was very quick to distance themselves from hell and make sure everyone knew that her views were not shared by e.s.p.n. and a public sigman they declared quote we have addressed this with jim bell and she recognizes her actions for inappropriate see this kind of but neverland sexism is not new
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since the beginning of recorded history women have been objectified to be seen and not heard told that our value comes from working with and for powerful men silenced and isolated when our intersectional feminists feminism gets a little too feminine or intersectional for those still slathering their skin so thin in patriarchy but it it is sad but true fact that women like jamal hill who by the way has eighteen years of experience as a sports reporter and a lifetime of living as a black woman in today's society is being thrown under the bus for speaking truth to power makes one wonder if we really have made much progress since government training videos like this about how to manage women in the workplace which came out in one nine hundred thirty three were the norm. with your body so you do with the factory you did we were going to go warm. don't make playgroup with. we
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already do it that we go there and we are very. and finally we're more sensitive than. all flavors for their. own i'll say worst. decision losing how. i mean it changes in a certain way but then it doesn't you know there's not many of these. or things that just sort of changed and i do know when a man says when a man says something that is deemed inappropriate the line of excuses it's a locker room talk it's just how guys or it's just a joke don't take it so seriously we're all snowflakes blah blah blah that's what the answer is always but then this woman says something not on air has nothing to do with sports and they're screaming for her job yet there's. well to really over the falls of the first. person lives to go kill them until you cross the
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line you can say anything you please generally. as long as you're always the case is your opinion too and i don't have an issue with a private company like e.s.p.n. having guidelines for its people and saying look you need to keep this or this but you have to have them across the board you can't just i mean this is just so childish and the thing is it also comes down to race and when i went to the intersection of feminism this idea that as a black woman it is different for her but it's still about her being a woman is a specific kind of you know woman that they think is ok we have to look at how her blackness. is used to get clicks it's commodified her personhood is diminished we talk about this by e.s.p.n.'s reaction as michael harry out of the root had actually put it really really well that quote nowhere is this box more noticeable that in corporate america where one's blackness this simultaneously commodified and shackled and this is a place that sat there and said oh we're too liberal so we're going to fire
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a bunch of people's we can you know the conservatives might get mad and this is we want to make an entire web site one they call a micro web site by the way undefeated just to focus on black athletes and causes so there's this understanding that if you're a man you can say all these things and we are going to brush aside when you're a woman it's different because we're sensitive and you know when women get some sort of an aggressive an up tone and. that's when the accusations of being emotional of everything else come forward a certain words are. twenty six to study cold due to women in the workplace which was conducted by leading in dot org and the committee and through that compared with white women women of color face the most barriers and experience the steepest drop offs with seniority despite having higher aspirations for becoming a top executive women of color also report that they get less access to opportunities and see a workplace that is less fair and inclusive and i think that you know i really challenge people especially living here in the united states to really look around
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at the places they work and who they work alongside and ask yourself are you not seeing this kind of you know treatment attitude things like there's like there might be laws against discrimination that are on the books today but that doesn't mean the it's not happening i'm certain forms and the idea is we need to get that out of our business world get that out of our societies and cultures so that way we can all have an equal shot at the pie that's the dream that's part of the american dream and that's what it's all about it is as a woman it just strictly is different because you are going to always say things differently people will react differently and that's been a part of society so we're in green with these things it's not malicious necessarily but it's thing that we don't notice we're doing it's making a comment about a woman saying that she in the workplace saying things like well she's not she's not good social skills and yet we'll watch men run around and yell and pound their fists and things that you know i said where you can do things in the office that i can't without a certain reaction or in public where men are allowed
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a certain amount but with women you're not in this is my feeling this this whole thing is so patronizing let me just address me and the three of us thought it's incredibly patronizing to say that they have to sit didn't sit her down explain to her that having a public and somewhat popular opinion about the partner united states is sort of inappropriate ok at it smacks of this whole it's for your own good it's not what you say it's how you say it it's your tone it's all the way to silence to minimize a woman's voice and credibility. making it seem like the criticism is coming from this chivalrous place ok so you know let's get one thing straight ok i don't need a man to protect me from the big bad world or war me about speaking my mind that will get me into trouble i know every woman with an opinion knows the only people who should be scared when a woman speaks truth to power are those in power. for your daughters out there are long before g.p.s. and waves breaking readers manage transatlantic voyages that have left historians puzzled for centuries venturing from there and so strong homes in scandinavia does
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divisions as far flung is iceland greenland even modern canada the vikings were on the head of their time and now thanks to a surprising discovery by a group of researchers we may buy only a bigger. or two's true chavez has more on this story. whether it's cloudy or overcast no matter what the weather conditions the vikings are thought to have navigated across the vast atlantic ocean and to the north sea and for over a half a century historians have long wondered how viking sailors did it now hungary and researchers may have shed new light literally on how they may have achieved this using special crystals called suns stones. the researchers believe the crystals are made of calcite quarter eight or tourmaline which work as polarizing crystals which can help determine the position of the sun when it's cloudy or overcast if the crystal was positioned a certain way which is known as the sky light polarization method and
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a series of studies published by the royal society a team of physicists have tested to see exactly how accurate the method was in bad weather conditions the researchers a value weighted one thousand eight different sky conditions throughout the year and attempted to use the navigation method in each of them in most cases the sun was hidden by clouds and the finding showed the skylight paralyzation method to be most effective when skies were clear or less cloudy but when the skies were overcast the method only work that the sun was low in this. the summer solstice and spring equinox were found to be preferred times of year to navigate this way as the angle of the sun remained at less than thirty five degrees although the hypothesis has many supporters there are still those who say the study lacks hard evidence or in other words still a bit shady reporting in new york turn to the child as r.t. . well speaking of vikings when he comes out there is an exciting discovery in science and history it is often as you said met with skepticism and that disbelief
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of the findings often rears its sexist little head when women's roles in each and society is are challenged and the latest example of this a study came out this week that prove that bones taken from a viking village of burkas sweden in the nineteenth century are those of what they believe is in female viking warrior for years the bones were considered on the homeless or nonstandard the bones were reportedly buried along with weapons a strategy board game and two data horses what we do know about vikings is that the men were generally buried with their weapons and tools and women with household items needlework and jewelry so imagine the surprise when the researchers found that the warrior in the tombs was actually a woman and that's right but of course many had to jump in and claim that it was a homo larky just because a woman was buried with worry or like items doesn't mention of the warrior but as baccy gal in archaeology professor at durham university points out quote this burial is clearly of a high status woman the fact that she's buried with weapons indicate this doesn't indicate that she's a warrior but if we interpret male graves in that way why not women's as well truly
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why not despite standard thinking over the last century we have discovered that women fought as gladiators samurai and even pirates sexism is often worse when used to deny the accomplishments of women to take credit for their work or ranged from historical records what is not a bleater a historical fact just because it challenges our concept of how tough women have been while in the shadow of a male dominated world. yes most definitely and you know one of the biggest keys is we always have to be open to new interpretations of history when new facts come out about you know history that we all originally kongo greed upon and thought this was it you have to be open to that regardless if it challenges your male fragility of wanting to be in charge of white male fragility of thinking that we're there and how and what if somebody said whatever may be yeah i mean you got it you got to leave yourself open to changes in history because that's how we can better navigate the future yeah and there's this is that weird equality stuff that we talk about
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looking at things in that same way and it goes down to even science and archaeology we have to. look things are equal in the rest of the universe we might as well have them equal here on earth all right. everyone in this world told you. so i tell you mel i love you i am tired and i was out of the keep on watching those talks and every great night everybody. that's present for a single purpose. they have a super. training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. want to that's. what you going to be for us this is what before three of the people. i'm interested in the water. this should. manufactured. public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the crime.
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nor middle of the room six. million real new. russian submarine strike are still targets around the syrian city of did this or is moscow continues to support government forces and its campaign to liberate the country from terrorists also this. launch a campaign for independence from spain and met with fish resistance to from the trade which is threatening to prosecute hundreds of the region's mayors and hillary clinton opens up on her election defeat in her new book. and what she thinks cost her the chance to be america's first female president.


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